Case study: Augean servicing the UK’s Energy from Waste sector

We're sharing a case study on managing and optimising transport for residue waste (APCr) to significantly reduce traffic movements and CO2 impact.

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Augean support the EfW sector for the collection and treatment of APCr, hazardous IBA and other residues, as well as Specialist Industrial Services through the Augean subsidiary, Future Industrial Services.

We arrange the collection of the majority of the EfW residues we subsequently treat for recovery or disposal. Our experienced team manage the logistics to deliver operational efficiencies, cost and carbon savings for our EfW plant clients. Gabby Deans, Augean’s Transport and Client Support Coordinator, works closely with our EfW clients to deliver a positive impact; please see the Case Study shared above.

Treatment facility at Augean's ENRMF

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Tel: 0333 034 9004

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