​ CEWEP launches Energy from Waste roadmap​

European Energy from Waste organisation CEWEP has launched its first ever Waste-to-Energy Sustainability Roadmap.
CEWEP launches Energy from Waste roadmap​

The new report, presented in front of more than 100 European policymakers, stakeholders and industry representatives, detailed the sector’s vision to 2035 and pointed towards its role in climate protection.

Europe will still produce around 142 million tonnes of residual waste that will need treatment in 2035 even if all waste targets set by the EU are reached on time, CEWEP said.

The roadmap called for recognition of EfW’s role in treating waste contaminated with substances not fit for recycling and made the case for more infrastructure to be built to utilise the electricity, heat and steam currently produced.

Paul De Bruycker, president of CEWEP, said: “We cannot talk about circular economy in 2035 without talking about how to keep the material cycles clean, how to make sure that all the waste that cannot be recycled is still treated securely, that all the value inherent in the residual waste, energy and materials, is used.

It also pointed to EfW’s contribution to recycling by recovery of its metals and minerals from the bottom ash.

While the recovered metals are counted towards the recycling targets, currently the recycling of the mineral fraction of bottom ash does not have the same recognition.

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