Energy from Waste conference 2020: the role of waste to energy in the low-carbon, circular economy

What to expect from our 2020 conference.
Energy from Waste conference 2020: the role of waste to energy in the low-carbon, circular economy

There is no doubt that the waste management industry can play a positive role in the drive against climate change, and with thoughts of the discussions going on at COP25 in Madrid, it seemed timely to look at an event which explores the role of waste to energy in the drive to a low carbon future.

Bringing together attendees from over twenty countries in 2019, from as far apart as Australia, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Turkey and of course the UK, the Energy from Waste conference is the premier event for the waste to energy sector in the UK and Europe. This year it considers the role of the industry as it supports the drive to carbon neutral.

With an appropriate and ever-greater focus being placed on resource management, the residual waste that is left is the material that is difficult to recycle at the moment, and needs to find a place which can optimise its value, rather than simply being placed in the ground.

It is therefore logical that the conference has sessions on the directions the industry will take going forward, bringing together project and technology developers, financiers, investors, as well as the waste, energy and waste to energy industries, equipment providers, plus engineering and construction companies, advisors and policy makers.

Sessions feature top speakers from all aspects of the industry, opening with the President of CEWEP, (the Confederation of European Waste to Energy Plants), Paul de Bruycker, and CEO of Indaver, who provides the keynote on day 1 with an analysis of how waste to energy can support the move to a low carbon and circular economy.

Across the two days, sessions explore the outputs of waste to energy, including heat delivery, an increasingly important offtake as industry works to lower its carbon count.   The Head of Low Carbon Fuels, Dept for Transport, UK Government, will discuss the opportunities for waste to transport fuel development, an area that has incentives from the UK government and sessions later in the programme feature companies which are developing projects in this area. 

Operational efficiency and ever-improving emissions management technology are explored in technical sessions and the economics and benefits of CCUS, Carbon Capture and Use or Storage is analysed with a case study of the Twence, Hengelo plant, where Aker Solutions technology is being applied for carbon capture.

Alongside this, there are important sessions on the developments in waste derived and replacement fuels, providing lower carbon alternatives for industry and there is an update on the world’s first conversion project of a coal fired power station to a waste derived fuel power station.

With much more across the two days, a site visit to the UK’s first fully operational municipal waste gasification plant and numerous networking opportunities, the Energy from Waste conference is an unrivalled opportunity to gain the latest information, develop contacts with people who are driving the industry forward and explore the subjects that are critical for your project and for the global waste to energy industry.

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