Lasting boiler tube surface protection where alternatives have failed

Lasting boiler tube surface protection where alternatives have failed

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Integrated Global Services (IGS)'s next generation thermal spray-applied boiler tube surface protection system for EfW and biomass boilers succeeds where alternatives fail.

International company IGS provides on-site corrosion protection for power boilers, oil and gas pressurised vessels, and heat recovery boilers. IGS surface protection solutions have been applied to 2,500 industrial boilers worldwide.

The IGS engineering team benefits from an outstanding technology centre, which boasts advanced analytical tools and specific performance prediction capabilities. These are used to develop proprietary metal alloys and ceramic coatings, which help to provide reliable corrosion and erosion solutions.

IGS assists owners and operators of EfW and biomass power equipment to achieve maximum availability. It knows that managers of these plants often face continually changing feedstock and operating conditions, making it difficult to achieve operational objectives.

IGS is well aware of the failures of standard coatings on the market.

In response, the company has taken a wholly different approach, developing specific metal alloy materials, conveyancing equipment, and technology.

Prior to field testing, IGS assessed the system performance both in-house and in experienced third-party laboratories.

Since introducing the system to the field in 2016, IGS has successfully carried out numerous applications in conditions where Inconel 625, a conventional fireside corrosion solution, was already installed (and sometimes failing).

After more than three years of field testing in some of the toughest EfW operating conditions, IGS believes its system meets market needs.

Boiler operators across Europe and beyond have called on IGS to install tube protection and signed long-term maintenance contracts due to the repeated success and service provided.

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