How Yokogawa is leading the charge on waste to energy

How Yokogawa is leading the charge on waste to energy

Waste disposal presents an ever-growing challenge in urban areas. Waste to energy (WtE) technology provides an environmentally sound solution to this problem, which also addresses the growing need for alternative energy sources.

With more than 150 waste-to-energy plants and other types of waste incineration facilities all over the world relying on Yokogawa OpreX control system solutions, the company’s technologies play a key role in making the world cleaner and more efficient.

With its various OpreX control solutions, Yokogawa is able to quickly effect changes for its WtE customers that lead to a transformation in such areas as management and operations. The company provides highly reliable control technology that ensures high efficiency, high quality, and safe and stable plant operations. 

Yokogawa would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how this technology has been used on numerous plants worldwide and explore how it might partner with interested organisations to improve the profitability of their plants.

Yokogawa will be exhibiting at the Energy from Waste Conference 2020.