Viridor shares polymer plant plans via virtual exhibition

Viridor will hold a virtual exhibition this week to share its plans for building a polymers reprocessing plant at Dunbar in Scotland with the local community.
Viridor shares polymer plant plans via virtual exhibition

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The planned facility would recycle up to 85,000 tonnes of plastic back into the circular economy each year.

Like Viridor’s plastics plant currently being built at Avonmouth, the Dunbar plant would receive low-carbon heat and power generated from non-recyclable waste at the energy recovery facility (ERF) next door.

The Dunbar ERF generates 258 gigawatt hours of energy each year, enough to continuously power 70,656 homes, and up to 10 megawatts of heat. 

Viridor’s exhibition to showcase the Dunbar polymer plant plans will replace a planned consultation process including drop-in sessions, which has become impossible in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

Community members will be able to view details of the planned facility online and request paper copies by phone or email.

Viridor will also circulate a newsletter to locals.

A Viridor spokesperson said: “Our plans are designed to help Scotland deliver its ambitious climate change and circular economy targets. 

“Scotland’s goal is to ensure that recyclable materials consumed here are retained within a Scottish circular economy.

“To achieve this, Scotland will need companies like Viridor to invest in recycling infrastructure, such as the facility we are proposing.

“Dunbar represents an excellent opportunity to co-locate a new polymers reprocessing plant with Dunbar ERF.

“In this way, the country will be able to achieve both its resource and energy efficiency goals.”

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