Blue Phoenix Group – Providing Solutions for the Energy from Waste Industry

Blue Phoenix (‘BP’) is silver sponsor of this year’s EfW Conference and specialise in the processing of Incinerator Bottom Ash (‘IBA’). Our Technical Director, Neil Nolan, looks at how we provide solutions for the EfW industry.
Blue Phoenix Group – Providing Solutions for the Energy from Waste Industry

Blue Phoenix (‘BP’) is silver sponsor of this year’s EfW Conference and specialise in the processing of Incinerator Bottom Ash (‘IBA’).

BP has operated in the UK since 1998 and currently has 11 operational facilities processing almost 1.5 million tonnes of IBA per annum.  As well as the UK, BP has operations in the Netherlands, Germany, France, USA, Singapore, and Australia, and boasts an in-house Engineering, Procurement and Construction department and an engineering team based in the Netherlands who are exploring new technologies and processes to enhance our offer to the EfW industry and has an ambitious sustainability programme working towards Net-Zero.

BP has successfully developed ‘Sustainable and Responsible’ regulation in Western Australia and is now taking a similar approach with the UAE.  BP’s key objective is to support the EfW industry by finding secondary uses for their residues.

BP’s USP is taking the unrecyclable residues from the waste industry and developing solutions and encouraging resource reuse.

The UK business is well established and has a centralised structure consisting of a board of directors all of whom have a wealth of experience in the industry.

It is important to choose the right IBA processor; one which can offer best value including a range of benefits in addition to the financials.  Having a high performing, reliable, professional and compliant IBA processor to partner you in your EfW journey is essential. 

The Circular Economy is central to the sector’s ambitions and BP is proud to be delivering excellence in this arena.  Processing IBA, recovering metals and producing a resource from the remaining material that can be re‑purposed into a useable aggregate can be an important factor towards meeting your ESG expectations and sustainability goals.

The processing of IBA prevents valuable resources from going to landfill, and while the aggregates are not technically being used for their original purpose, the circularity of metal recovery cannot happen without the generation of aggregates.  Producing manufactured aggregates that can be used in the same local area where the waste is produced is a rewarding solution that appeals to local authorities as purchasers of IBAA and suppliers of feedstocks to EfWs.

Adopting a circular economy has the power to shrink global GHG emissions by 39% and cut virgin resource use by 28% (1). IBA processing contributes to this strategy by recovering, thereby diverting waste from landfills and reducing primary resource extraction. This in turn helps to improve the sustainability of the Energy-from-Waste (EFW) sector.

MIBAAA (Manufacturers of Incinerator Bottom Ash Aggregate Association) is instrumental in developing regulation and is, along with the Environment Agency, worki

ng towards an improved future regulatory platform for the responsible use of IBAA. Blue Phoenix is a founding member of MIBAAA. 

The metals recovered from IBA offer industry and manufacturers a more sustainable alternative source of metals, reducing mining for ore and providing a low carbon alternative source of metals such as Copper, Aluminium and Steel.

IBAA when processed effectively is suitable for use in many different construction and civil engineering applications adding to the delivery of the low carbon agenda.

Blue Phoenix

If you want to understand more about IBA and how processing can add value to your business, you can make contact with MIBAAA or with me directly, Neil Nolan, Technical Director for Blue Phoenix UK.

Written by Neil Nolan -

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