Circular Fuels Ltd submit planning for waste-to-DME plant

Circular Fuels Ltd, a gold sponsor of the EfW Conference 2023, have submitted formal planning permission for their first >£150m waste-to-DME production plant at Teesworks.
Circular Fuels Ltd submit planning for waste-to-DME plant

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The plant will produce renewable and recycled carbon DME which is a sustainable, cost-effective, and clean burning fuel that can help decarbonise Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) industry and off-grid energy sectors.

The project is expected to create up to 300 jobs during construction and operations, with wider positive impacts for the whole supply chain

Once operational, the plant which will span across c.14 acres and will have the capacity to produce over 50,000 tonnes of DME per year. This is intended to help the UK's move to net-zero by decarbonising over 5% of the UK’s LPG sector.

The site will take non-recyclable residual household, commercial and industrial waste and convert it into DME using KEW Technologies proven and proprietary advanced gasification process, a form of Advanced Conversion Technology. The sustainable fuel will then be  used by the UK LPG Industry in a variety of applications, benefiting homes and businesses in rural areas,  not connected to the UK's national gas grid.

Over 2 million homes use LPG or high carbon fuels, oil or coal, for heating, as well as hundreds of thousands of businesses. LPG suppliers can blend DME with LPG, to instantly reduce the carbon footprint of its fuel, or switching off-grid energy customers to 100% renewable and recycled carbon DME, as rural areas transition to Net Zero.

This plant is set to be operational in 2025 and, throughout the project life cycle, is expected to create up to 300 local jobs, around 250 in the construction phase and then 50 highly skilled direct roles, once in full.

The additional benefit to the operation is that the plant will take in and treat non-recyclable residual waste in a more efficient and environment-friendly manner, averting increased volumes being incinerated or going to landfill.

Managing Director of Circular Fuels Limited, said: “There is an urgent need to providing affordable energy to those off-grid homes and businesses who need it most and have little to no other alternative and to enhancing our national energy security as we seek to deliver net zero by 2050. Using this technology creates an affordable and secure low-carbon drop-in fuel that also enforces a more efficient utilization of the waste resource to target harder to decarbonise sectors and maximise GHG savings.”

Circular Fuels are a gold sponsor of the EfW Conference 2023 which will run for two days on the 15-16th of March and showcase a wide variety of expert speakers and exhibitors – book your tickets here.

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