Flue Gas Treatment Solutions and Products

Sponsors of Operational Optimisation 2022, Lhoist, discuss below how their expert technical solutions and research can be used for flue gas treatment for WtE and BtE.
Flue Gas Treatment Solutions and Products

Lhoist are a global company, with headquarters in Belgium and their main business activities are quarrying of limestone and dolomite and then processing these minerals into products that fulfil crucial roles in the industrial world, such as applications in the Environmental (Air & Water), Construction, Civil Engineering, Steel and Non-Ferrous metal production, Agriculture, Glass Production and Cement production sectors. Lhoist are a forward and innovative thinking company and have a dedicated Research and Development team based in Nivelles, Belgium, where advanced technical support and innovation are core activities such as flue gas treatment for Waste to Energy and Biomass to Energy applications.

Flue Gas Treatment is a major part of the Lhoist Environmental focus and over the last 25 years, Lhoist have developed, patented and manufactured a range of innovative flue gas treatment products under their Sorbacal® brand to help with some of the challenges that Waste to Energy and Biomass to Energy plants have faced. Challenges such as changes in fuel composition, tightening of emissions levels and the subsequent operational difficulties have all been considerations when innovating new lime based products for flue gas treatment.

The development of the Sorbacal® range of products has allowed technology providers, plant builders and operators more flexibility in the plant design and technology options as a result of advanced lime products being available to enhance the performance, often with lower Capex requirements during the construction phase. Some of the well established products widely used in the Waste to Energy and Biomass to Energy applications across Europe, North America and Asia are as follows;

Sorbacal® SP/Sorbacal® SPS
Hydrated lime products that have higher porosity and higher specific surface area than a standard hydrated lime to increase efficiency towards acidic gases such as HCl, SO2 and HF. This increase in efficiency has allowed Dry Sorption Injection processes (DSI), with no residue recirculation, to become a more reliable option than before. Lower consumption rates, lower residue generation and improved reactivity towards acidic peaks have led these products to become preferred options for many technology providers. Both of these products also perform well in lower recirculation processes and in higher temperature applications with downstream SCR systems for NOx removal.

Sorbacal® Micro
Lhoist’s formulated range of micropollutant removal products, of which there are currently >100 formulations within this product range, reflecting the complexity of micropollutant removal from industrial processes. This range of products can also be bespoke to Customer needs if necessary. All Sorbacal® Micro products are predominantly or completely inorganic in composition, making them ATEX friendly. This offers a lower Capex installation cost and increased safety aspects to the Operators.

Sorbacal® HM
A Mg/Ca based product that provides 2 key benefits to Waste to Energy and Biomass to Energy plants. Continuous operation can lead to problematic ash deposits in the boiler section of the plants and over time the heat exchange into the boiler can reduce, leading to lower steam temperature and reduced power generation and normally expensive outages to remove these deposits become necessary. The use of Sorbacal® HM will change the structure and chemistry of these deposits making them easier for online cleaning techniques, such as soot blowing, to effectively keep the tubes clean and retain heat exchange in the boiler for longer periods. Additionally, injection at high temperature will bring better control to SO2 peaks and reduce the burden on traditional abatement requirements.

Lhoist remain an innovation focused company and have reviewed the changing landscape of waste (fuel) composition, BREF updates and demand for greater plant availability/efficiencies and the latest Sorbacal® developments offer Customers a way to address these changes. The new product development; Sorbacal® CDS, is a result of numerous years of successful development at lab, pilot plant and commercial scale and is targeted at Circulating Dry Scrubber Technology (CDS). For many years, CDS technology has been the main flue gas treatment technology of choice for Waste to Energy and Biomass to Energy but Lhoist have now developed a new product that will help enhance the performance of this technology significantly using technical theory of how hydrated lime performance can be enhanced. The Lhoist know-how and experience with all flue gas treatment processes led to the development of Sorbacal® CDS, offering the potential for optimization now in CDS systems.

Lhoist will be co-sponsor of the forthcoming Operational Optimization event at Conference Aston, Birmingham and represented by Johan Heiszwolf (Global Director Flue Gas Treatment Applications), Rodney Foo (Expert Application Engineer, Flue Gas Treatment) and John Whitehurst (Flue Gas Treatment Market manager, UK) . We would be delighted to meet you there and discuss your flue gas treatment challenges and requirements during this event.

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