FREE WEBINAR - An ageing plant? Reduced efficiency? The first in our FREE webinar series, could be what you are looking for...

The demands on energy from waste plants to run ever more efficiently, whilst reducing their emissions, are significant and increasing. Now is the time to discover what the latest control and monitoring systems can achieve for your operation.

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invite you to a free technical webinar

Combustion optimisation, retrofitting and modernizing of ENERGY FROM WASTE AND BIOMASS PLANTS

24th November 2020, 2pm GMT - 3pm central European time - 9am USA east coast time

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On Tuesday 24 November at 14.00 London time, we will be running a webinar in association with Technikgruppe, a leading Austrian engineering company which provides state of the art systems for combustion optimization in waste to energy and biomass plants.

Designed specifically for waste incineration based on grate technology, Technikgruppe has more than 20 years' experience in mechanical inspection, process evaluation, process optimisation and operational support.

Book your place on this free seminar and gain greater understanding of –

  • The combustion process and the factors that impact on it
  • The practical implementation of modern software systems and the benefits that can be achieved.
  • Case study analysis of -
    • technical and economic gains
    • increased throughput and capacity
    • reduced emissions
    • decreased costs and downtime
    • improved profitability

If your energy from waste fleet is ageing, or plants need upgrading and improving, book a place now to find out what changes could be achieved.

Register here!

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