Free Webinar today with TechnikGruppe on Combustion Optimisation and Retrofitting

The TechnikGruppe webinar on 'combustion optimisation and retrofitting – energy from waste and biomass plants' is running today at 3pm GMT - sign up now and join over 230 industry colleagues who have already registered their attendance.
Free Webinar today with TechnikGruppe on Combustion Optimisation and Retrofitting

EfW Net is running a free webinar today at 3pm GMT with TechnikGruppe on Combustion optimisation and retrofitting – Energy from waste and biomass plants. Registrations are still open so register here now to take part and not miss out on this opportunity.

Every combustion line is a unique, complex, technical system. To ensure a plant is delivering the best possible results, it needs to be individually analysed and adjusted to optimize its operation. This is Technikgruppe’s strength – with more than 25 years’ experience in combustion optimization, with international references and worldwide engagement, the tailor-made Technikgruppe automation systems use extremely powerful control processors and very fast software to individually optimize each grate’s system, constantly responding to varying feedstock requirements, to deliver a state of the art combustion system resulting in increased throughput, reduced downtime and measurable operating gains:
- enhanced reliability
- increased availability
- improved profitability

Presenters include:

  • Paul R James BSc MSc, Director - Independent Consultant & Advisor, Energy & Resources
  • Damir Zibrat, Business Development Manager, TECHNIKGRUPPE
  • Matthias Lukic, Technical expert, CEO, Owner of TECHNIKGRUPPE
  • Shawn Coughlan, Owner, Applied Control Engineering
  • Prof Marco J. Castaldi, Ph.D., Professor, City College of New York
Register HERE now to hear from technical experts with case study experience, benefit from live questions and discussion and gain a greater understanding of how your plant can work more efficiently and deliver better results.

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