Suez to supply waste to three Wheelabrator EfW plants

Suez to supply waste to three Wheelabrator EfW plants

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Suez and Wheelabrator UK have signed four long term contracts to supply three new EfW facilities with over 500,000 tonnes of residual waste per year.

The partnership will see Suez supply waste to Wheelabrator UK’s proposed facilities at Multifuel Energy Limited Skelton Grange in Leeds, Wheelabrator Kelvin in West Bromwich and Wheelabrator Kemsley North in Kent.

All three facilities are expected to be fully operational by 2024/25, with the Skelton Grange and Wheelabrator Kelvin facilities already benefitting from planning permissions and environmental permits. The Kemsley North plant is said to be in the process of securing a Development Consent Order (DCO), with a decision expected in February and an environmental permit in the second quarter. Collectively, the facilities are planned to export 117MW (net) energy, enough to power 28,000 homes. 

“We are pleased to build on our partnership with Wheelabrator UK with this suite of new supply contracts,” said John Scanlon, CEO, Suez Recycling & Recovery UK. “Enhancing our network of facilities around the UK is essential to providing our customers with solutions for their waste that avoid landfill and create value from the materials they are unable to recycle. 

“Supplying Wheelabrator UK’s new facilities as they come online will provide us with resilience and the ability to meet our customers’ current and future needs, and to promote the long-term growth of our activities.”

Julia Watsford, managing director of Wheelabrator UK added that the Suez waste supply agreements were a ‘testament to the commitment of team members and partners to Make A Difference and provide sustainable waste management infrastructure for the UK’. 

“I would like to thank Wheelabrator UK and Suez for continuing to work diligently and safely during coronavirus to ensure we remain on track to deliver these projects and support the green recovery in the UK,” Watsford continued.

John Scanlon, CEO Suez Recycling & Recovery UK, will be speaking at our Energy from Waste Conference 2021 taking place from 10 - 12 March plus discussions around volumes, capacity, flows, feedstock - find out more:

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