The Environment Agency (EA) issues a permit for EfW plant in Horsham

The Environment Agency (EA) issues a permit variation for an energy from waste plant and mechanical sorting facility at Britaniacrest Recycling site in Horsham
The Environment Agency (EA) issues a permit for EfW plant in Horsham

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On 16 November 2022, the Environment Agency issued an environmental permit variation to add a mechanical sorting and an energy recovery facility to an existing permitted site off Langhurstwood Road, Horsham, which is operated by Britaniacrest Recycling Limited. This decision follows public consultation between 13 May 2021 and 26 June 2022. Having reviewed the responses, the Environment Agency has approved the application.

Michael Turner, area environment manager for the Environment Agency, said: "In deciding whether to issue this permit variation, the Environment Agency considered all relevant factors and legal requirements. The environmental permit sets out stringent conditions for Britaniacrest Recycling Limited. We are satisfied that the appropriate measures are in place to operate the energy recovery facility without causing harm to the environment or human health".

The conditions of the permit variation for Britaniacrest Recycling Limited are:

  • Pre-operational conditions detailing the final design of the installation, to protect air quality, groundwater and surface water and to ensure the safe storage, management and disposal of wastes.
  • To minimise the risk of accidents, noise and odour.
  • Maximise energy efficiency.

The Environment Agency regulates the performance of energy from waste facilities in the following ways:

  • Issues permits which say how the facility must be operated, the monitoring that must be done and the limits it must meet.
  • Carries out regular inspections and audits.
  • Requires operators to monitor key emissions using appropriate monitoring standards and to report the results to the Environment Agency.
  • Regularly reviews monitoring techniques and assess monitoring results to measure the performance of the facility and check that it is not exceeding permitted limits.
  • If it identifies that an energy from waste facility breaches any of its permit conditions, we will take the appropriate enforcement action. This may be a warning for minor breaches or enforcement notices to rectify the situation and even prosecution for more serious offences.
  • It puts all the operator’s monitoring reports and records of inspections and audits on the public register.

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