UK government holding an open consultation on proposals for heat network zoning

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy is seeking views on their proposed approach to deliver heat network zoning in England and to identifying areas where heat networks are the most appropriate solution for decarbonising heating.
UK government holding an open consultation on proposals for heat network zoning

These proposals envisage central and local government working together with industry and local stakeholders to identify and designate areas within which heat networks are the lowest cost, low carbon solution for decarbonising heating.

This consultation is the government’s first in what is intended to be a multi-year project developing the necessary legislation and processes for zoning. At this stage they are seeking views on the broad principles for how heat network zoning should be designed ahead of later consultations which will go into further detail. In particular they are asking for views on:

  • the methodology to be used for identifying and designating heat network zones
  • roles and responsibilities of different parties involved in the zoning process
  • requiring certain buildings within zones to connect to a heat network, with an exemption process to avoid sub-optimal outcomes
  • requirements on certain parties to provide information to support the identification and designation of heat network zones
  • whether heat networks in zones should meet a low carbon requirement
  • approaches for how heat networks are deployed in zones
  • proposals to ensure that consumers within zones are not adversely affected
  • the enforcement, monitoring and reporting regimes under zoning

The consultation will be of interest to the heat network industry and those with a broader interest in the decarbonisation of heat:

  • local authorities
  • electricity and gas distribution network operators
  • housing associations
  • owners of large public sector and commercial non-domestic buildings (for example, NHS trusts, universities, hotels, supermarkets, office blocks)
  • owners of potential waste heat sources (energy from waste operations, data centres, industrial operators, sewage utilities)
  • consumer advocacy groups

This consultation closes at The government have published an Impact Assessment alongside this consultation where details of the economic case are discussed in more detail.

Vattenfall, a leading developer of heat networks in Europe, and increasingly in the UK,  commented: "Vattenfall welcomes the publication of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy's (BEIS) consultation on zoning for heat networks. Given the right approach to zoning it can begin to create the right market conditions for district heating to thrive. The publication of the consultation, addressing the principles behind zoning, is an important step and we look forward to continuing to work with the Government on the details.”

Vattenfall are working with energy from waste company Cory to deliver one of the UK's largest heat networks, supplying heat to 21, 000 London homes.

Vattenfall are sponsoring the 2022 Energy from Waste Conference. They are a leading company in heat networks who deliver on low carbon heating, cooling and power solutions in the UK, with the aim of enabling fossil free living within one generation. 

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