Viridor and CNIM announce handover of Avonmouth EfW site

Viridor and CNIM announce handover of Avonmouth EfW site

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Viridor has announced that it has officially taken over operations at its £252m Avonmouth Energy Recovery Facility, near Bristol.

Described by Vidiror as a ‘major milestone’, operations were handed over to the company by contractors CNIM in December. 

The plant is currently receiving non-recyclable waste from Somerset Waste Partnership (up to 120,000 tonnes) and the West of England Waste Partnership (120,000 tonnes) as part of the commissioning process and has been designed to divert 320,000 tonnes of residual waste away from landfill.

Up to 306GWh of electricity will also be generated annually which will power the facility itself and export enough energy to power the equivalent of 84,000 homes. The construction site has remained open throughout the COVID-19 pandemic whilst implementing the required social distancing guidelines.

Viridor CEO Kevin Bradshaw commented: “The addition of another energy recovery facility to the Viridor fleet diverting non-recyclable waste from landfill across the UK is, of course, cause for the celebration on its own merits. However, the Avonmouth ERF forms part of the wider Avonmouth Resource Recovery Centre, including a £65m investment in a plastic reprocessing plant currently under construction which will draw heat and power from the ERF. 

“The opportunity to have a Viridor facility, using non-recyclable waste to generate the heat and power, which will allow us to recycle and reprocess more plastic here in the UK is the wider goal for our Avonmouth centre.

“Optimising resource and energy efficiency and providing the infrastructure investment needed to make a meaningful contribution to the UK’s green economy continues to be the driving force of our business strategy. We will continue to seek opportunities to replicate the use of the ERFs as the combined heat and power plants that they were designed to be, supporting recycling and circular economy initiatives.”

CNIM Environment & Energy Managing Director Guillaume Turc said: “The technologies implemented, and the expertise of our teams enable Viridor to meet its dual objective of energy and environmental performance, providing a state-of-the-art solution contributing to the circular economy. We are particularly proud to have delivered to Viridor a turnkey plant at the cutting edge of technology, despite the constraints put on us by the Covid epidemic.”

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