WRAP Plastics Waste Hierarchy finds EfW is better than landfill

WRAP have published their plastics waste hierarchy which has found that EfW is better for plastics than landfill.
WRAP Plastics Waste Hierarchy finds EfW is better than landfill

The Plastics Waste Hierarchy, published by WRAP, found that landfill consistently 'performed poorly compared with other methods of disposal and was the 'option with the greatest environmental burden'.

The findings were published earlier this week and aimed to provide an overview of the current waste management practices for plastic waste in the UK, critically review end of life plastic waste life cycle assessments to highlight best practice of waste management method and identify challenges and potential solutions to help move UK plastic waste up the waste hierarchy.

Mechanical recycling was found to be 'preferable to all other end to life options', outperforming landfill and chemical recycling options. 

Commenting of the report, John Scanlon, the Chief Executive Officer at SUEZ recycling, claimed that: "weight based metrics served the sector well in shifting waste away from landfill, but are not effective in supporting the transition to a more resource efficient, circular economy, where we drive down waste and increase reuse and recycling, keeping precious resources in use for longer". 

 Read the full Plastics Waste Hierarchy report here: *DEFRA_PLASTIC_WASTE_HIERARCHY v7.0 (002).pdf (wrap.org.uk) 

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