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Webinars and interviews

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Greenergy webinar - Thursday 13th July

Started 3 months ago

Thursday 13th July, 14.00pm (UK time). Register to attend this free webinar here

As the world navigates the energy transition, Greenergy continue to look towards unlocking the value of waste as a raw material to manufacture renewable fuels and circular products that enable net zero.

Join Martin Hopkins, Project Director of Next Generation Renewables at Greenergy, as he talks about the challenges in developing projects and growing the market of waste-to-x.

The webinar will cover the challenges created in producing and marketing the fuels from a project, funding perspective and how partnerships can play a key role in accelerating projects to meet rising demands.
  • In this session you will gain an expert insight into challenges that arise in developing a waste to fuels project.
  • Learn about the growing and challenging waste-to-x market.
  • What engineering, commercial and funding issues need to be overcome and how to approach them.

You will also be able to access the on-demand recording here on EfW Net to watch back in your own time.


I was late joining today and missed the majority of it. How can I download the full event?

Many thanks,


Hi Mark, the on-demand recording will be posted into this room in the next 30 minutes! 

You can watch the on-demand recording here: https://network.efwconference.com/videos/greenergy-webinar-waste-to-x-creating-liquids-from-waste-to-drive-value-and-support-the-circular-economy 

If you have any further questions for our speaker, please do leave them in the comments.