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An expository essay on “underlying causes of terrorism" - Tips & Sample


This article will help you understand what an expository essay is and will provide you with some tips that you can use when you write an expository essay for yourself. You can also get in touch with an essay writer who can help you with any type of essay for your academic schedule.

During your academic career, you will be tasked to write a number of essays. One type of essay that you will commonly write will be an expository essay. For most students, writing an expository essay seems like a walk in the park. There are however some students who find it difficult to write a clear and effective expository essay.


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We have also provided a sample essay for you at the end of this article. Give it a read and see if you can recreate an expository essay by yourself on the same topic

What is an expository essay?

An expository essay is the type of essay where you select an idea and then investigate that idea. You will also be asked to explain the idea in detail and provide evidence. The sample essay provided by essay writing service in the article will talk about the underlying causes of terrorism. The sample provided is going to be a definition essay, meaning it will focus on what terrorism is and then list the underlying causes of it.

Tips for writing a great expository essay

Do you often wonder, ‘What should I focus on when I write my essay?’ If you answered yes, then the following tips are tailor-made to help you with your essay and paper writing needs.


  •  Create an outline for your essay and stick to it. Use the outline as a foundation for your essay so that you do not get confused when you are writing it
  • Like other good essays, an expository essay has a clear and concise thesis statement given in the first paragraph of your essay
  • You should add clear transitions between each of your paragraphs. This will help in maintaining the flow of your essay and will also keep the reader fixated on your essay
  • Remember to start your body paragraphs with a topic sentence
  • Each body paragraph should have one idea discussed within them. This idea should be mentioned at the start of the paragraph in the topic sentence. 
  • Be creative when writing your essay. Do not go overboard with creativity because this expository essay is still a form of academic writing. 
  • Restate your thesis statement at the start of the conclusion paragraph. This should be paraphrased and not the same as the one mentioned in the introduction
  • List down the main points discussed in the essay and summarize them in the conclusion
  • The last sentence of your essay can be left for a recommendation or a solution that you propose.


Sample essay

According to essay writer Terrorism is defined as the illegal use of violence against civilians. In the world of today, terrorism is a major issue that has plagued countless developing and developed countries. The main purpose of terrorism is to spread fear among the people. There have been extensive studies on what causes terrorism. Some may believe that the root causes of terrorism are social or political and by fixing these causes terrorism will be finished. This is not so simple because the underlying causes of terrorism will still be there. The underlying causes of terrorism are gain attention and lack of law enforcement. 

Most people want to seek attention and become terrorists as a result of it. What better way to announce yourself to the world and be on everybody’s television than by doing acts of terrorism. People know that to leave a lasting impression on someone, you have to put fear inside their hearts. That is why they indulge in acts of terrorism so they can live inside the minds of people forever. 

Lack of law enforcement in developing countries is one of the underlying causes of terrorism. The police are either too busy to stop acts of terrorism or are too lazy to do their job. This laziness occurs when the police are being paid off by terrorists. The law enforcement swore an oath to protect and serve. If they fail to do this job, then they are leaving the people open and unprotected against acts of terrorism.  

Attention seeking and lack of law enforcement are regarded as the underlying causes of terrorism. Removing the two of these from society can go a long way in helping us win the fight against terrorism. The question is how can we get rid of these causes. The first way is to educate people that terrorism is not the way you become famous. The second is to ensure that law enforcement officials do their duty to protect the country and its people against acts of terrorism. Only with these combined efforts, can we put an end to terrorism once and for all.

The above sample should prepare you for writing a good expository essay. If you are still having trouble, then approach a essay writing service. They can help and guide you in writing the best expository essays possible.

The sample and tips are in front of you, now you must practice writing an expository essay by yourself. It will take you two to three tries but once you get the hang of it, you will be writing an A-plus-worthy expository essay all the time.


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