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Created on November 20, 1970, the ABLP (Brazilian Association of Solid Waste and Public Cleaning) arose from the legitimate interest of a group of technicians who worked in the sector of urban cleaning, who not only believed but were willing to contribute to the evolution and improvement of all services in the segment.

Throughout its long history, ABLP has dedicated itself to conducting studies, seminars and various other initiatives. One of the highlights of its performance: several technical courses held in São Paulo and other locations, highlighting the Sanitary Landfills course that is in its thirty-second edition. It includes acting in the spheres of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial powers. This spirit has guided the daily life of ABLP for more than five decades and, for sure, will continue to be that which will guide the steps of the Institute Valoriza Resíduos by ablp.

Despite being refunded now (in the 2nd semester of 2023), Valoriza Residuos by ablp will take advantage of the knowledge accumulated over almost 53 years of ABLP, the oldest class entity in the urban cleaning and waste management sector in Brazil, which will no longer exist.


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Challenges and opportunities in the Brazilian waste sector

An overview of the history of the Institute Valoriza Residuos, a new EfW Net partner, and the challenges and opportunities faced by the waste sector in Brazil

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