Biffa Reality Check 2022: Waste Net Zero

From Waste Hierarchy to Carbon Hierarchy: Biffa's blueprint for Waste Net Zero

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According to Biffa, the UK has a once in a generation opportunity to unlock circa £18 billion in investment in the circular economy that will create more than 16,000 jobs and 43 million tonnes of circular raw materials annually, while contributing to a reduction of circa 7.1 million tonnes of co2.

In order to achieve this, Biffa are making six policy requests: 

1. Embrace the move from Waste Hierarchy to Carbon Hierarchy 

2. Drive more adoption of recycled plastics

3. Consider a moratorium on more Energy Recovery Facilities 

4. More action to phase out waste export 

5. Accept that landfill will continue to play a role 

6. Champion a zero-emissions, competitive, collections market

Michael Topham, the CEO of Biffa, is optimistic about the move to Waste Net-Zero and argues that what might first appear a "big challenge" is in fact a "big opportunity" for the sector. 

Read the full report here and sign up to the EfW conference 2023 to hear more discussion about the journey towards Waste Net Zero.

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