17 May: Weekly News Bulletin

The National Infrastructure Committee's progress review is the biggest news effecting the energy from waste sector this week. But what else has been going on?
17 May: Weekly News Bulletin

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The big news this week - the NIC review calls for a ban on future EfW plants without CCS

The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC)'s progress review has advised local authorities to avoid entering into long-term contracts with facilities that do not have credible plans for CCS technology. The review also stressed the UK's need to develop more infrastructure, faster, or risk threatening climate targets and economic growth. EfW Net has provided an overview of the review, which you can find here.

To help increase the pace of better infrastructure, heat networks have received an additional £3 million in funding from the HNES

Over £3 million has been awarded to improve 33 heat networks, across England and Wales through the Heat Network Efficiency Scheme. It is hoped this will benefit over 8,000 residents, and various other private and public sector organisations, by lowering heating costs and increasing the efficiency of the networks. Some of the networks awarded provide energy from EfW, which you can find out more about here.

Another EfW plant has commenced construction in Scotland

Paprec Energies and Binn Group have collaborated to begin work on a new Energy from Waste (EfW) facility. The facility with cost €120 million and will create around 200 jobs locally.

Now onto our favourite bulletin topic: plastic

In collaboration with Veolia and Viridor, the South London Waste Partnership has launched a 'Plastic Solution' campaign. The campaign is encouraging residents to think about the link between plastic waste and carbon emissions.

And some good news! The UK has been deemed the fourth highest private investor in plastic circularity

According to the Circulate Initiative, the UK invests $18.4 billion (which equates to £14.7 billion) between 2018-2023. Let’s hope that this news signifies that the UK will be one of the countries at the forefront of cutting down on our plastic waste.

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