24 May: Weekly News Bulletin

Snap elections, new SAF schemes and repair cafes. Find out what has happened in the world of EfW this week.
24 May: Weekly News Bulletin

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Snap elections, new SAF schemes and repair cafes. Find out what has happened in the world of EfW this week. 

Rishi Sunak’s snap election is all anyone can speak about today

The election will take place on 4 July. The Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) has said they hope the next government will improve collaboration between government departments, sector bodies and businesses to create green jobs, enhance skills and cut waste and emissions. 

Want to tell us what you want to see from this year’s campaign regarding EfW? Join our conversation. 

Emirates will begin using sustainable aviation fuels for departing flights from London Heathrow Airport

Over 3,000 metric tonnes of SAF will be blended with conventional jet fuel to power the infrastructure network until the end of summer 2024. The project by Emirates is part of the Government’s recent scheme to provide airlines with funding to switch to SAF. 

A promising statistic came out this week, claiming energy from waste contributes 3.2% to UK power output

The number comes from a recent report by the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies. Hopefully, this will only go up over the next few years, thanks to the UK’s emissions trading scheme.  

EfW company, enfinium, awards a repair café funding to help with operating costs

The repair café in Folkstone, Kent has received £1,300 as part of enfinium’s community funding scheme. Enfinium set up the campaign to help community-based not-for-profit repair facilities, as research has shown that extending a product's lifespan can lead to significant emission savings. If you live in the area and have a common household appliance in desperate need of a new lease of life, head down to the Sunflower House repair café.

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