5 July: Weekly News Bulletin

It's been a big week for UK politics. But has it been a big week for the EfW sector? Find out through our weekly news bulletin.
5 July: Weekly News Bulletin

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It's been a big week for UK politics. But has it been a big week for the EfW sector? Find out through our weekly news bulletin. 

No surprise with this one - the biggest news of the day is that the UK has a new government.

Whether you are celebrating the result or are still as concerned as before - what does that mean for the energy from waste sector? Recently, EfW Net spoke to SUEZ’s Chief Sustainability and External Affairs Officer, Dr Adam Read. He told us what policies he would like the next government to implement for the waste sector. 

(Note: Hold tight for a full interview soon)

If you’re enjoying hearing from one industry thought leader, maybe you will like this CCUS panel discussion too

We recently hosted a panel discussing the challenges and opportunities of CCUS implementation, the inclusion of EfW in the EU and UK ETS, and the role of carbon credits. Chaired by Tom Croymans from Keppel Seghers, and featuring David Phillips (Head of Capital Markets, Aker Carbon Capture ASA), Fabio Poretti (Technical & Scientific Officer at CEWEP), Charoula Melliou (Head of Policy and executive manager at ESWET) and Jannicke Bjerkas (Director CCS and Carbon Markets, Hafslund Oslo Celsio). It’s a no-brainer to give it a watch. 

Encyclis has announced its partnership with utility group Beauparc on Ireland's first bottom ash processing plant

The €35 million purpose-built plant, located at the Knockharley waste management complex on the outskirts of Dublin, will be completed in 2025. Find out what Encyclis CEO, Owen Michaelson, had to say. 

And that's not the only partnership announced this week - as SUEZ recycling and recovery UK and Alupro lead the UK Aerosol Recycling Initiative

The two groups have joined up for a two-year partnership aiming to increase the UK’s aerosol recycling rates. In 2023, rates of recycled aluminium packaging was at 68%. It is hoped that the project will provide data on how to increase the capture, sorting and treatment of aerosols.

Finally - CIWM's new president has called for the UK to 'turn off resources tap'

At the recent inauguration, the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management’s new president Tim Walker called for the UK to “turn off the resources tap”. Stressing a need for the sector to accelerate a rebrand from waste managers to “guardians of raw materials” which are vital for the UK economy.

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