Peel L&P to fund hydrogen from waste plant

Peel L&P Environmental has committed to funding the next stage of development for a hydrogen from waste plant at Protos Energy Park using PowerHouse Energy’s DMG technology.

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In this next stage, Peel will place contracts this month for the plant’s management and engineering design.

The waste infrastructure developer will also assist with other site planning, and feedstock and site infrastructure activities.

Peel has agreed to provide funding up to a financial close, the point at which full-project third-party funding is secured.

The company’s commitment forms part of the collaboration agreement signed in August 2019 between Peel and energy from waste (EfW) company Waste2tricity to develop at least 11 sites in the UK for DMG facilities.

The DMG process converts waste plastic, end-of-life tyres, and other waste streams to syngas, from which products such as hydrogen, electricity, and chemical precursors can be derived.

It produces low levels of safe residues and has a small operating footprint.

The DMG facilities at Protos are expected to have the capacity to process 35 tonnes of waste plastics per day, producing 3.8MWe on site and exporting 3.4MWe electricity and up to 2 tonnes of hydrogen per day from the site.

Myles Kitcher, managing director at Peel, said: “This further agreement reflects the confidence we have in the DMG technology which will enable us to tackle the plastic challenge head-on with an integrated approach to recycling and energy recovery.

“DMG allows us to eliminate landfill from our site, by regeneration of wasted plastic into power and hydrogen.

“We are excited to be implementing our strategy in partnership with PowerHouse Energy and for Protos to be the first application of their groundbreaking technology to improve the waste management process and the environment in the UK.”

Maddie Ballard

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