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With a 25-year career working with technically complex capital equipment, I have been involved in multi-million pound blue-chip engineering projects around the world. As a result, my in-depth knowledge of the production environment spans everything from waste management to the automotive industry and the fascinating world of aerospace. A recognised expert in shredding technologies for the alternative fuel production industry, I have played an active role in some of the country’s most exciting Waste-to-Energy (WtE) and biomass projects. My contacts and knowledge of the wider supply chain mean I am ideally placed to not just advise on the shredding machinery itself, but also the financing, design and cost reductions of the complete WtE solution. I have a commitment to delivering high-quality projects that achieve maximum profitability. With a strong sales focus, I am also responsible for the day-to-day running of the company, the implementation of ever-more efficient processes and procedures, and the ongoing development of my incredibly talented team.


Equipment supplier

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Waste and recycling

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Food Glass Hazardous waste Metals Organic matter Paper/cardboard Plastics WEEE

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Anaerobic digestion

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COVID-19: what's the prognosis for EfW?

As the nation adjusts to a ‘new normal’ in the wake of the government's lockdown announcement, it will be difficult for some organisations to concentrate on anything beyond the next few days. But there are glimmers of hope in the medium to long term.

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