Melissa Bradshaw

Reporter, Mark Allen Group
Frank Benson

Managing Director, SquareCorp

SquareCorp is a global energy trading company. Our commitment to sustainability and renewable energy has led us to explore and invest in green technology initiatives. Constantly looking to innovate and develop energy solutions that are environmentally conscious and cost-effective.
Sarah Moe

Seasoned Legal Analyst and Writer, CaseNet

Alaim Silva de Paula

Partner, De Paula Assessoria

Montiel Hanan

Sales Engineer , Dominion Global France

International Sales Engineer ★ Refractory Linings & Steel structures ★ Ammonia Plants ★ Waste-to-Energy ★ Engineering & Construction ★ Petrochemicals


Thirty plus years of executive management experience in the Waste to Energy and Solid Waste Infrastructure fields. This includes ten years' Vice Presidential level experience with a Veolia unit operating ten WTE plants at once. The WTE plant fleet encompassed core system technologies from a number of European providers. The WTE plant fleet also included one of the largest RDF plants in the world. Since founding Cambridge Project Development Inc (CPDI) over 20 years ago, Leonard has led major SW Master Planning efforts, and he has directed numerous individual facility Project Development initiatives. These projects were brought from concept to finance to construction to O&M status, and included WTE Plants, Technical Landfills, Transfer Stations + Fleet Optimizations, and MRF's. Leonard is particularly interested in the growing use of baling to "buy time" (rapid site stabilization without interruption of incoming waste flow while new facilities are developed). An active part of Cambridge's practice has been the advisory role provided to Public Sector clients that find themselves involved in complex project implementation efforts, while at the same time sitting "across the table" from suppliers and others who have multiple years of experience in the WTE industry and related fields. Cambridge helps level the playing field. Give me a call to discuss on 1-305-926-3309, or at Leonard
John Meek

Development Director, JCM Consultant Engineers Ltd

Experienced project professional, with involvement in the design, build and delivery of six EfWs within the UK, as well as numerous of energy related projects in the UK and internationally.
Ari Rahim

President Director, PT. Sitesindo Internasional

manuel Rodrigues

Overseeing/Consultant Mechanical Engineer, AMBIRUMO Projectos, Inovação e Gestão Ambiental, Lda

Jennifer Benett

MSc Renewable Energy Engineering, Northumbria University


Advisory Lead, Joulon

Mario Cesar Gomes Martins

EfW Bussines Manager, SINER Engenharia e Comércio Ltda

Kathy Lewin

Head of Waste & Resources, WRc



Manuel das Neves Rodrigues

Overseeing/Consultant Mechanical Engineer, AMBIRUMO Lda

Mark Knight

Freelance EfW consultant, M K Energy Consulting Ltd

I'm a freelence independent consultant for EfW technology (plant manufacturers). I develop sites and projects putting together the right technology with EPC contractors and funding options.