Energy from Waste

Editorial staff, Energy from Waste
Ferran Urgell


Gary Egerton

Sales Team Manager UK - Process Analytics, ABB Ltd

manuel Rodrigues

Overseeing/Consultant Mechanical Engineer, AMBIRUMO Projectos, Inovação e Gestão Ambiental, Lda

Simon Miller

Divisional Manager , H9 Technical

Kalvin Anaba

CEO, K&G precision limited

Alf Robertson

Managing Director , Agile Energy

I have more than forty year's experience in project development and management in the oil & gas and utility sectors. Working internationally in SE Asia, Africa, the USA, the Middle East, and Europe including the UK. Current interest includes integrated waste management including waste recovery in the form of recyclates and power, district heating, carbon capture utilisation and storage and utilisation of emissions as a resource to make circular products and fuels. 

Panu Ärölä

Senior Sales Manager, BMH Technology

Robert Stancombe - Water Treatment, Demineralising and Deoxygenating

Business Development Manager - Mobile Water Treatment Specialist, NSI Mobile Water Solutions

Tatsuhiko Sato

Director , JETRO Wien

Mayra Zapata

Administrative Manager, Presto, SRL

Montiel Hanan

Sales Engineer , Dominion Global France

International Sales Engineer ★ Refractory Linings & Steel structures ★ Ammonia Plants ★ Waste-to-Energy ★ Engineering & Construction ★ Petrochemicals

Türkay Sahin

Director Power Generation&Distribution, Siemens AG

Christine Lavirotte

business development & sales manager, Boccard

Helen Murphy

Head of Sustainability, Cory

Caroline Hunter

Commercial Executive, Blended Products Ltd

Johnny Stuen

WtE and CCS onshore area manager, KANFA / Technip Energies

Lee Browne

Director , DLRB Consulting


Environmental Manager, KHK SA

Dinesh Shiwantha Weragoda

Electrical Engineer , Altasnim